Baby girl wearing Tiny Tots 1 - IE5630 White with rose print sunglasses, adjustable headband included

Quiz on kids sunglasses

A very simple quick quiz on kids sunglasses. This has been designed to test your knowledge on both baby and kids sunglasses. To see if you know what is the best to look for when buying sunglasses for your kids.

A quick quiz on baby kids sunglasses so you will know how to buy quality sunglasses for your kids
A quick quiz on baby kids sunglasses so you will know how to buy quality sunglasses for your kids

Quick quiz on kids sunglasses

Undoubtedly all parents would really like to buy their kids sunglasses that will save their eyesight from harmful UV radiation and eye diseases. This quick quiz will test your knowledge on what are the best sunglasses and other important factors. If you can answer all 10 questions correctly you can then be assured when you are buying sunglasses for your kids that you will end up with only the best.

To simply learn more about all aspects of saving kids eye sight. We certainly do suggest you read our blogs. How UV damages eyes, Polarized Lenses the good and the bad, Sunglasses the good and the bad, How prams harm eyes, Mobile devices damage eyes and Is blue light bad?. Plus many more interesting topics to save kids eyesight.

Good luck.

1. At what age should kids start wearing sunglasses?


2. What type of frame material is best for babies and small kids?


3. What is the best lens material for baby / kids sunglasses?


4. What colour lens is the best for baby / kids sunglasses?


5. What lens category (CAT#) should you get for your child’s every day use sunglasses?


6. Of the three most recognized world sunglasses standards which is the best?


7. At what time of the day is it more important to wear sunglasses?


8. What amount of UV protection is best for babies / kids?


9. At what time of the year is it more important to wear sunglasses?


10. We have added this question to highlight the sad consequences of not protecting young eyes from harmful UV radiation.

What number of adults over 50 years old are classified as legally blind?


Don’t miss the latest sunglasses “WARNINGS” on this page. They will save your child’s eyesight.

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