Spectacle Accessories

Spectacle Accessories

Idol Eyes Australia is home to Australia’s largest range of high quality spectacle accessories to suit everyone from toddlers to adults.

We have:


*Sports bands, tubes and straps

*Metal chains

*Bead chains

Made in many different styles and in a variety of materials – nylon, elastic, leather, neoprene, aluminum, metal, wood, stone, plastic and glass beads.

We even make genuine:

*Semi-precious stone, seashell or coral chains with glass beads

*Swarovski crystal chains

These are made right here in Australia by us and they can be made to order.

We also have:

*Pendants, brooches, alligator clips, optical screwdrivers and ear locks

Below are just a few of the wide-range available. To see the full range or for further information, please email your enquiry to: info@idoleyes.com.au


Nylon, nylon skinny, supa grips, elastic, elastic skinny, sports, sports floating or leather in round, bolo, nappa or plait.

With such a huge range of spectacle cords we have a type to suit everyone. From standard nylon cords in (18 colours) with silicone, long-life ends to elegant nylon skinny cords or Supa Grips, cords that hold on supa tight, with or without toggles. Even elastic cords or skinny elastic cords that prevent your glasses from breaking when catching on things while you work. How about sports cords to hold your glasses in place or floating sports cords for fishing or water sports, no more lost glasses. And if you like the look of long lasting real leather cords that look stunning we have round, bolo, nappa or plait in many colours. Note: we do not use cheap artificial PU leather that does not last.

Sports bands, tubes and straps

Neoprene, silicone, elastic or nylon. These fantastic accessories are made for all types of sports so you never loose your glasses. IE 44 neoprene sports bands will make your glasses float in water. IE32 elastic sports band with adjustable length prevent your glasses from falling off. Perfect for all sports.

Metal chains

Aluminum, gold, silver, gunmetal, rose gold, enamel or metal with pearl beads or stone. Truly beautiful metal chains made just for spectacles chains.

These chains will not catch on your hair. Tie itself in knots that are difficult to untangle, they will wrap easily around the glasses so it can be put in a case. They do not cause an allergic reaction, break easy, or too heavy. Better still they do not tarnish leaving unsightly marks on cloths or the neck. Note: All M2, M3, M5, M6 and M7 series chains in gold are true gold plated or silver are true white gold plaited. Simply stunning. M4 series chains are hard-coat enamel to prevent unsightly chips. Magnificent long-life chains with long-life silicone ends.

Bead chains

Made from: Pearls, wood, plastic, pearls and metal beads or wood and metal beads. With such a huge range of stunning styles and colours there is a chain to match every pair of spectacles or sunglasses.

Semi-precious stone, seashell or coral chains with glass beads

Made from golden-stone, jade, tigers eye, green snow flake, agate, garnet, onyx, turquoise, malachite, jasper stone, chalcedony, morganite, hematite, seashell and coral. They also have a dual function clasp so it can hold your glasses or be used as a necklace. Truly magnificent.

Swarovski crystal chains

Made with genuine Swarovski crystals and a dual function clasp so it can hold your glasses or be used as a necklace. Simply stunning. These chains can be made to order, just let us know your colour preference.

Pendants, brooches, alligator clips, optical screwdrivers and ear locks

Quality pendants that can be made to order. Optical brooches so you always know were your spectacles are. Optical alligator clips in gold or silver to replace the normal spectacle cord rubber ends. These alligator clips can be fitted to any of our chains or beads and allows the wearer to quickly release the chain from the glasses when being worn so there is no added weight of the chain or the chain getting caught and pulling on the spectacles. Optical screwdrivers in 3 different styles for instant repairs. Soft silicone “Earlocks” that attach to the temples (arms) for comfort and no more glasses sliding down your nose.