This is the new home of all of the very latest WARNINGS on sunglasses and sunglasses standards. This important information will help you prevent nasty eye diseases from effecting your kids. So please read this important information. As many of these warnings are only reported here, we do advice you to come back regularly to see if any new warnings have been added.

We have also been advised that Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses are being falsely advertised on fake websites. Please be careful. You can find all the details below.

Sunglasses, warnings

Dangerous kids sunglasses flooding the market

Please be careful when buying baby and kids sunglasses both here in Australia and overseas. Unfortunately not all sunglasses save sight. There is certainly a growing trend for mum and dad businesses to buy really junk sunglasses from China.

A staggering 90% of kids sunglasses do indeed come from China. Brands like B#b#a#o#s, R#s#a#b#, F#x B#b# & C#., etc, etc and the list just goes on. And don’t be fouled by some of their marketing tactics stating they come from Europe. We know the important part, the lenses are absolute rubbish from China. The inferior quality of these lenses is the worst we have ever seen. Our testing shows that these inferior Chinese kids sunglasses will harm your young children’s eyesight leading to blindness.

Some brands even state they have polarized lenses. But on close inspection they are the softest TAC polarized lenses that are distorted and certainly will cause blindness. You can read all about these junk lenses here: Polarized lenses the good and the bad.

If you require any help or just want to know if a certain brand is OK please contact us: info@idoleyes.com.au

Many flower or petal sunglasses do not comply with world sunglasses standards

Idol Eyes Australia first released this breaking news story.

Warnings, Dangerous Flower or Petal Sunglasses
Dangerous Flower or Petal Sunglasses

These glasses have recently become popular and may look cute. But are you aware that most flower or petal sunglasses have no UV protection. Therefore these glasses are extremely dangerous to your child’s eyes. And will lead to eye problems and blindness. We know that your child deserves better.

Firstly these sunglasses use low quality lenses that certainly do distort vision, colour and clarity. Secondly, many of these sunnies have crystal coloured frames that also transmit dangerous UV from the sides. Subsequently this causes the UV rays to enter into the equatorial (germinative) area of the eyes lens. The germinative area is were new cells form to grow a healthy lens. Therefore this is a real problem.

So please avoid these junk sunnies. As your children do not deserve to end up blind.

Some European brands of children’s sunglasses with category # 4 lenses can cause blindness

Idol Eyes Australia first released this breaking news story.

*This does not affect Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses.*

Warnings, Dangerous CAT 4 lens with no side shields
Dangerous CAT 4 lens with no side shields

The European sunglasses standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015 has a major error. Within the EN standard section 11.2 it specifies that cat # 4 very dark special purpose sunglasses do indeed require Temporal Protective Requirements or (side shields). Note that these sunglasses are designed only for skiing or mountaineering, etc. These sunglasses are not made for general purpose everyday use.

Within this standard adult’s sunglasses with cat #4 lenses do have all of the sizes and positioning of the side shields mentioned. But for some unknown reason children’s sunglasses with cat #4 lenses have the following added. “Note. Children benefit from sunglasses with temporal protection but in the absence of data, no dimensions are published in this edition of the standard.” Some European brands have misinterpreted this to mean that on children’s sunglasses with cat # 4 lenses temporal or side shields are not required. This is totally wrong.

So what is the problem? Because these lenses are really dark they only allow between 3% and 8% of light to pass. This therefore causes the pupil to dilate or open. And as these sunglasses have no side shields. This allows the UV radiation to enter from the side into a wide open eye causing blindness.

Many companies, retailers and baby product review websites with no optical knowledge do promote these dangerous sunglasses just for profit. Please do not buy these sunglasses. And immediately stop using them if you do own some. And never use these on the snow. Please read our blog: Dangerous kids sunglasses for the full details.

Sunglasses standards, warnings

Be careful or simply do not buy baby and kids sunglasses with the EU and USA standards

Both the EU and USA sunglasses standards incorrectly classify UV radiation from 100Nm to 380Nm. The correct UV range is 100Nm to 400Nm.

How did this occur? The world’s very first sunglasses standard was written in Australia. Then sometime later both the EU and USA simply copied the Australian standard. But with one minor change. They both thought that as the sun is not as strong in their countries as it is in Australia. They should downgraded the UV from 400Nm to 380Nm. So both standards neglect 20Nm of harmful UV rays.

This missing 20Nm of harmful UV radiation was OK. Until Idol Eyes Australia made the world’s first baby sunglasses in 1987. Because babies eyes do transmit some harmful UV all the way to the retina. It subsequently became necessary to eliminate all UV radiation. You can read all about this in our blog, How UV rays damage kids eyes.

The problem is sunglasses lenses are dark and this causes the child’s pupil to dilate or open and as such this allows the harmful 20Nm of UV to enter an open eye. And this will cause long term damage and blindness. Therefore, if you truly care about your child please avoid both the EU and USA standards when buying baby or small kids sunglasses. And if you think UV400 stickers fixed this problem. It did not. Read the warning below. “The lies about UV400 lens stickers and why you should avoid them”.

The lies about UV400 lens stickers and why you should avoid them

Idol Eyes Australia first released this breaking news story.

Warnings, Non-compliant UV400 Protection CE Sticker
Non-compliant UV400 Protection CE Sticker

Firstly, not one world sunglasses standard mentions or defines the use of UV400 lens stickers. Therefore UV400 has no meaning or true definition within the standards. Subsequently sunglasses labelled with these UV400 stickers are not tested for UV400.

Some brands that use these stickers write, “sunglasses labeled UV 400 provide nearly, almost or close to 100% protection“. Really, what does this truly mean? Our testing shows that many sunglasses labelled with these non-compliant stickers have no where near 100% UV protection. So this is a lie and you definitely should not trust these stickers.

If these businesses know that UV400 stickers are not a part of any world sunglasses standards. Why are they trying to trick you, let me tell you “MONEY“. And importantly what type of quality is the frame or the rest of these sunglasses. We highly recommend you to avoid all sunglasses with these tricky UV400 stickers. Typically these stickers are mainly found on junk brands. That only care about making a profit. And absolutely have no concern about you or your child’s eye health. There are plenty of brands available that will not try to trick you.

Other warnings

Fake websites are advertising Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses, be careful

Idol Eyes Australia has recently been informed that our sunglasses are being advertised on a number of websites that are not legitimate. Either no stock or fake copies. If you are unsure if these are our legitimate overseas distributors then do contact us for help. Please do not lose or waste your money.