Our Distributors

Our Distributors

Idol Eyes Australia manufactures a really huge range of high quality kids sunglasses. And these together with our other products are indeed marketed internationally with the assistance of our distributors. Therefore you certainly can buy our kids sunglasses in many countries. This page will in fact be updated with a list of our exclusive international distributors. This will also include both their contact names and their contact details.

Of course if you do not find a distributor listed here for your country. Then we really do recommend you email us via our contact page. And we will certainly check our complete distributor list. And as a result, we can then let you know if our sunglasses are available in your country. If they are not available in your country then we certainly will let you know how you can place an order.

It is also possible that a few distributors in some countries may not have all the sunglasses currently on our website. Consequently when you do try to place an order at our: online shop. From a country were we do have a distributor, you will not be able to place your order. Therefore we ask you in this case to please email us at: info@idoleyes.com.au. And do let us know the model, the colour as well as the lens type. Also, include your country details. And as soon as possible we will check. And subsequently, we will then let you know how you can place an order.

We certainly are here to help. And to also advise you.

Become one of our distributors

There certainly is a golden opportunity to be a truly exclusive distributor of the world’s leading baby / kids sunglasses brand in many countries.

All successful applicants will indeed become an exclusive distributor. And you will also join our extensive world-wide network. And really gain all of the benefits this brings.

This truly does entitle you to many additional free bonuses. Such as, our 72 years experience in optics. Plus access to our really huge range of sunglasses models. And in particular our library of blogs. That have also been specifically written to truly help parents save their child’s eyesight from harmful UV radiation. And of course there is also our marketing material. Consisting of a really huge library of product photos. And also modelling photos, etc. All of this will surely help you to truly succeed.

Our sunglasses are certainly made to save sight. But we do need your help as a distributor. So that all children get access to the world’s best sunglasses. And with this purpose in mind. You certainly can make a huge difference to the future eye health of the next generation.

Therefore if you are really interested. Then indeed do fill in your details on our contact page. And we will then be in touch to let you know what the next step is.

Children pointing at the world map on the wall to find our distributors,
Find Our Distributors, International

Our Distributors – International

Our Distributors in Asia


Baby Outlet
Keo Lundi
Tel: 017 677 776


Aiduo Technology Development (Beijing) Ltd.
Jing Li
Tel: 1861 0810 862

Hong Kong

Wise Growth Limited
Enoch Poon
Tel: +852 25564335


P.T. Berkat Wijaya Mulia
Jonathan Sudharta
Tel: +62 815-9104-981


Ed. Inter. Company
Katsuya Fuchita
Tel: +81-6-6488-1100


Essenlue Co., Ltd.
Minji Jung
Tel: 070-5088-1217


Gigantix Inc.
Theresa Chan
Tel: +(632) 5429236


Soni Trading Co., Ltd.
Theresa Lin
Tel: 0937 531 959

Our Distributors in Europe

Belgium / Luxemburg / The Netherlands

Unicell BVBA
Tony Gomes
Tel: 0032(0)3 776 66 11


Ilona Lauciuviene
Tel: +37067539636


Raluca Sabou
Tel: +40 753 601 636


Alan Pirgon
Tel: +44 (0)208 339 9730

Our Distributors in Oceania

Australia / New Zealand / Pacific Islands

Idol Eyes Australia – Head Office
Peter Carruthers
Tel: +61 2 9899 9288