How to order

How to order – online

Firstly, please follow these easy instructions on how to order online directly with us. If you do make a mistake then you can empty the cart by pressing the red “X” next to the item you don’t need at any time and start again:

How to order and save

Quick tip. HOW TO SAVE. Before you buy, make an account first (at: MY ACCOUNT below the online shop). All registered accounts will then receive bonus points with each purchase. Bonus points can then be used to reduce the cost of future purchases.

Payment methods

Instructions on how to order

  1. Go to our online shop.
  2. Firstly, check if you can place an order from your country. By pressing the “Details – Instructions / Bonus Points / International Customers / Postage costs” button. Then press the “See – Postage costs and delivery to these countries” button. If your country is not listed please check, Our Distributors or email us.

How to place your order

  1. Click on the model / style or item you are after.
    Click on the “Gift Card”
    Choose an amount in the “Gift Card Amount” field
    In the “To” field enter the recipients email.
    If there is more than one recipient. Then separate multiple email addresses with a comma. Note: adding additional email addresses will automatically increase the quantity.
    In the “From” field enter your name.
    Add a “Message (optional)”
    continue at Postage costs, if you have added a product. Or Checkout, if you only need a gift card.
  2. Enter your colour option. And then the lens type option if applicable.
  3. To add more than one item. Click the up button or leave it as “1”.
  4. Press the “ADD TO CART” button.
  5. To add another model / style or item. Start again at item 1 above. Repeat if necessary to add more products until your order is complete. When you have finished ordering, press the “VIEW CART”.

Postage costs

  1. To find your postage costs. In the “Cart totals – SHIPPING”, click the “Change address” and then click on your “country” and if applicable add your “state” and “suburb” and “postcode”. Then click “UPDATE”.
  2. You will see the “Cart totals – SHIPPING” – Please pick your preferred shipping method, if applicable. (Note your postage fees may be different to the following).
  3. O Australia Post Shipping Parcel Post (Delivered in 3-5 business days): $9.30 or
  4. O Australia Post Shipping Express Post (Guaranteed Next Business Day within the Express Post network. If posted on any business day Monday to Friday in accordance with the conditions set out on the item): $12.40 or
  5. O Flat rate – International: $17.00 or
  6. O NO SUNGLASSES, Flat rate small padded bag – max. 4 items, microfibre case, neoprene headband, IEBEK chains or IE03K cords only. (Please no sunglasses they will not fit in the small padded bag): $3.10


  1. Then press, “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” and complete your “Billing details and your shipping address”.
  2. Choose your payment method.
    O Direct bank transfer or
    O Credit card & eftpos Credit/Debit card (Square) or
    O PayPal.
    (complete the payment details if asked)
  3. Then press “PLACE ORDER” and complete the payment details if asked.
How to order and enjoy.
How to order and enjoy.

International customers

For all international customers we certainly do recommend that you firstly check the following Australia post website. Here you will find out if delivery is possible. And also delivery times.


Please note some times our website certainly does receive very high traffic loads. Consequently when you are completing your order and you press the “PLACE ORDER” button you may receive an “error message“. This is caused by a back-log of payment transactions being processed at the bank and can take up to 10 minutes to complete. So please wait. If you do repeatedly press the “PLACE ORDER” button you may end up with multiple orders and occasionally multiple payments. Note: As soon as we can we will cancel all multiple orders. And we will certainly refund in full all over-payments from our end.

Delivery Schedule

All orders that we receive between 12am and 3pm (EST) Monday to Friday are sent out the same day. Orders placed after 3pm will be sent out the following day, except Friday. Orders placed over the weekend or public holidays will be sent out the next work day.

You will receive an email with the tracking number.

Thank you for your order and please enjoy.