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IE88BW – Baby Wrapz

IE88BW – Baby Wrapz baby sunglasses are truly made with love and care. The (non-toxic) BPA/F/S free soft rubber frame is both safe and comfortable as well as unbreakable. While the easy adjustable “Velcro” neoprene headband will keep them in place. Additionally this will also make them float in water. Baby Wrapz sunglasses do include a long headband so it will fit from birth up to approximately 5 years of age. Therefore these also make fantastic toddler sunglasses.

Our G-15 lens colour has been specifically picked for its clarity and ability to not distort colour. Especially at a truly crucial time when toddlers are learning their colours. This is a critical point as 10% of boys and 2% of girls do suffer from some form of colour blindness. And the incorrect lens colour will only compound the problem.

IE88BW – Baby Wrapz, Available in black, pink, blue, baby blue, baby pink and purple.

Limited edition

The following two colours are from our limited edition range. Of course they do have the same soft rubber frame as above just printed. Only ever made in small quantities.

IE88BW – Baby Wrapz, Limited edition colours – Available in blue print or pink print.

IE88BW – Baby Wrapz Buy Now $35.00 – $105.00

More than just baby sunglasses

Are you aware that our Baby Wrapz are much more than just a pair of baby sunglasses.

We have designed these as a UV protective goggle for babies. The soft rubber frame when being pulled back by the headband will contour the frame to sit comfortably against the face perfectly. Therefore eliminating all UV radiation from entering the eyes from around the side of the frame. Importantly the headband does not need to be over tightened.

Only our Baby Wrapz series will truly offer your baby the absolute maximum UV protection. The picture below shows just how the frame sits comfortable against the face.

Baby wearing Baby Wrapz, Blue frame
Baby wearing Baby Wrapz, blue frame.

How prams harm eyes

Are you aware that prams are a major cause of blindness. Please read our blog to find out how prams harm eyes and what you can do to avoid this happening to your baby.

Take our quick quiz to see if you have enough information to buy the correct sunglasses for your baby or kids.

Protection near water

All young children certainly do need to wear sunglasses around water.

We do know that UV radiation does reflect off the water surface therefore you have UV rays from both the sun and the water. Consequently this is one and a half to almost two times the normal amount of UV rays reaching the eyes. Especially for toddlers as they are closer to the water.

Baby Wrapz are designed for both salt and chlorinated water. The neoprene wet-suit headband will make them float. The frame, lenses and stainless steel screws are all water safe. Our only recommendation is to thoroughly rinse the sunglasses after use, especially after salt water as the salt is course when dry.

BABY WRAPZ – have all these great features:

  • Comply with and exceed the:
    • Australian / New Zealand Standard – AS/NZS 1067.1:2016
    • European Standard – EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015
    • CE Certification
    • USA Standard – ANSI Z80.3-2018
    • Korean standard – KC
    • Japanese standard – Japan labeling law on sunglasses
    • Plus all other countries
  • 100% UVA/B/C Protection
  • A-grade impact resistant polycarbonate (PC) lenses
  • G-15 lens colour, originally designed for the U.S. air force
  • Sun glare protection and clarity with no colour distortion
  • Safe for colour blind children
  • Polarized (PC) lens upgrade, see details below
  • (non-toxic) BPA/F/S free, soft comfortable rubber frame
  • Microfibre case included
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Accessories available: cords, sports bands and our new semi hard case
IE MC Microfibre case showing the front and the back is included.
IE MC Microfibre case showing the front and the back is included.

Optional extras:

  • Polarized lens upgrade. Additionally these high quality polycarbonate (PC) polarized lenses are available. These truly are the same lenses used in all high quality major adult brands especially used for sports and fishing. Specifically they are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses. More importantly these polarized lenses will eliminate all white reflected light or white haze. Therefore they will give the ultimate crisp clear vision. Because we never compromise on quality the lenses we use are approximately 2 mm thick to avoid distortion and breakage.

Please avoid cheaper polarized lenses made from TAC – (Tri Acetate Cellulose) and other soft materials as they certainly do scratch easily. And also they will bend out of shape. Likewise avoid thin polycarbonate (PC) polarized lenses as they will also bend out of shape. Both bent and scratched lenses do distort vision leading to headaches and major eye problems.

Read our latest blog, Polarized Lenses the good and the bad. Check it out to see what lenses are the best and why. Especially if your thinking about buying polarized baby sunglasses.

  • IE SHD – Semi Hard case. Designed specifically to protect your sunglasses. Made with a clip so it is easily attached to the pram or your hand bag to prevent loss. Also with a name tag.

IE SHD Semi Hard case. Available in baby pink, black or baby blue.

IE SHD Semi Hard case packed with Baby Wrapz 2, baby blue
IE SHD Semi Hard case packed with Baby Wrapz 2, baby blue.

IE SHD – Semi Hard case Buy Now $14.00


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