Premy Wrapz Donor Fundhelping save premature babies eyesight.

Donations - Premy Wrapz Donor Fund
Donations – Premy Wrapz Donor Fund

Idol Eyes Australia fully understands that vulnerable premature babies eyes do indeed require protection from harmful UV radiation. Therefore we have made the commitment to invest in moulds to make Premy Wrapz sunnies a reality.

Idol Eyes Australia is the only company in the world to make premature baby sunglasses. Because we truly do care.

Even though we do heavily subsides the retail cost of these sunglasses. For many parents the cost is still too high. And we certainly would never lower the quality. As cheap sunglasses surely do damage eyes.

Premy Wrapz donor fund

Therefore to further expand on this worthy cause. We have established the Premy Wrapz donor fund. This fund is now seeking donations. 100% of all donations will only be used to reduce the price of our Premy Wrapz sunglasses. Donations so far have allowed us to drop the RRP from $35.00 to $30.00 And with your help we hope to reach the stage where we can offer these for free. All parents with premature babies world-wide do benefit from the donor fund with a subsidized price. In Australia almost 1 in every 10 babies are born prematurely and this statistic is similar in other countries.

To easily make a donation you can use the following donation form. If you are purchasing a product and also wish to support this worthy cause. You can do so by adding the donation to your cart at our online shop.

On behalf of the recipients of your kind donation. We do thank you.

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Donating your reward points saves preemie babies eyesight

Many of our existing customers have asked if they can donate their reward points to the “Premy Wrapz donation fund“. You can do this by completing the following donation form. Or you can email us at We will need your registered user name. And how many points you wish to donate. Unregistered guest customers can also donate their points.

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Donate my reward bonus points to the “Premy Wrapz Donor Fund” to help save the eyesight of premature babies.
Thank you on behalf of the recipients for your kind donation. This donation will only be used to reduce the price of our “Premy Wrapz” sunglasses to help save the sight of these premature babies.

Why Premy Wrapz sunglasses are needed

Premy Wrapz sunglasses have been specifically designed for small premature or preemie babies. Preemie babies can suffer several serious eye diseases. Like Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Which is the main cause for children’s vision loss. Children who have had ROP. Are more likely to get other problems later on. Like: Myopia (nearsightedness), Strabismus (misalignment of the eyes), Amblyopia (lazy eye), Glaucoma, and Retinal detachment. By wearing Premy Wrapz sunglasses from birth. You will certainly protect their eyes against harmful UV rays and bright sunlight.