Rx Frames

*Baby Rx frames, prescription

*Kids sports Rx frames, prescription

Baby Rx frames, (prescription)

Our three truly amazing baby sunglasses: Baby Wrapz, Baby Wrapz 2 and Tiny Tots II – IE88 will indeed easily transform into the perfect baby or toddler (prescription), Rx frames. These certainly are suitable for pediatric patients and definitely will fit from birth up to about 5 years of age.

Having rubber frames does indeed make them extremely comfortable. And as a result they are also unbreakable.

Simple tool free adjustment – Baby Wrapz 2

It’s true… There’s a new and different way for you to put prescription (Rx) frames on babies and toddlers. It’s called “Baby Wrapz 2“. And it’s very different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with because of how it grows with your child.

And as you’ll see, it really is amazing. Firstly, Baby Wrapz 2 frames are fully adjustable. With Velcro on the headbands and adjustable Earlocks on the temples. So there is absolutely no way these will slip down little noses. All the adjustments are tool free and can be easily made even by mum and dad. Consequently they will always fit comfortably from 0 to 5 years old. Best part of all, it doesn’t require you to visit the optometrist for re-adjustments or to buy 2 or more frames as your child grows.

Most important the prescription Rx lenses can easily be fitted by your local optometrist.

These frames are truly amazing and unique. Furthermore they are available in a great range of colours. You can read more about these three models by clicking on the links above.

Baby Wrapz 2, Purple Rx frames with Rx insert
Baby Wrapz 2, Purple Rx frame with Rx insert

Low power Rx lenses

All low power Rx lenses can be *fitted directly into the frames. *Please read the helpful fitting instructions below.

High power Rx lenses

With the addition of our new Rx insert that has a (4C curve) and made of high strength polycarbonate. This does fit our Baby Wrapz, Baby Wrapz 2 and Tiny Tots (IE 88) frames. Therefore It is now possible to fit high power minus Rx lenses. Turning these remarkable sunglasses into truly amazing frames.

Rx frames and insert sizes plus helpful fitting instructions

  • Baby Wrapz, 50/1030
  • Baby Wrapz 2, 50/10 30 130
  • Tiny Tots (IE 88), 50/10 30 130
  • Rx insert size: 4123

*When fitting the lenses directly in to the frame (with no insert) we do recommend offsetting the bevel on the lenses. Specifically more bevel on the inside edge of the lens and less to no bevel on the outside edge of the lens. As a result this will stop young kids from popping the lenses out. Please contact us if you need more details.

Kids sports Rx frames, (prescription)

These two ski goggles: IE8014 – small ski goggle and IE8001 – large ski goggle do make the perfect kids Rx (prescription) frames for all sports.

These are truly comfortable and also unbreakable having rubber frames. In addition they are fully adjustable therefore there is no slipping down little noses. We have even added a soft rubber eye socket protector therefore even a ball to the face is no trouble.

Most important the prescription Rx lenses can easily be fitted by your local optometrist.

These frames are truly amazing and unique. You can read more about these two models by clicking on the links above.

Important note

Most contact sports will no longer allow the wearing of standard prescription glasses whilst playing sports. Due to the possible harm caused by sharp frames and temples. Consequently if your child requires prescription glasses to see when playing sport they will certainly require an approved sports frame.

Protecting your child’s vision in sports is important. Read the following to find out why. Eye Safety At-A-Glance

IE8014 small goggle

IE8014 – small sports Rx frame, (prescription), fits from 0 to 5 years old.

IE8001 large goggle

IE8001 – large sports Rx frame, (prescription), fits 5 years old to small adult.

Kids sports Rx frames sizes

  • IE8014 – small goggle, 46/1233
  • IE8001 – large goggle, 57/1539