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This is not your average baby / kids sunglasses online shop. Here you can find all the latest news regarding everything to do with protecting eyes, UV radiation, blue light, etc., as well as sunglasses and lenses the good and the bad. We have been in the optical industry since 1950. Read about us. This website is were we share our wealth of knowledge. So please read the latest WARNINGS (just below) and our blogs, there are many interesting topics to help prevent eye diseases. And yes, you can also buy the world’s best baby and kids sunglasses at our online shop. Enjoy.

Free Yo-yo with all sunglasses purchased. Plus a free matching *sunglasses cord to help prevent loss.

Details: 1. No limit – buy as many as you like. 2. *free cord for sunglasses with temples – arms only. 3. Only at our online shop. Ends 31/10/21


This breaking news story first released by Idol Eyes Australia.

Dangerous Flower or Petal Sunglasses
Dangerous Flower or Petal Sunglasses

These glasses may look cute but are you aware that most flower or petal sunglasses do not give any UV protection and are dangerous for your child’s eye health and will lead to eye problems and blindness. The low quality of these lenses distorts vision, colour and clarity and your child deserves better. Please, please, please avoid these junk sunnies for your child’s sake. They don’t deserve to end up blind.

This breaking news story first released by Idol Eyes Australia.

Non-compliant UV400 Protection CE Sticker
Non-compliant UV400 Protection CE Sticker

Not one world sunglasses standard defines the meaning of or even mentions the use of UV400 lens stickers. Some brands using these stickers, write “sunglasses labeled UV 400 provide nearly, almost or close to 100% protection”. Really, “nearly, almost or close to” what does that mean? Our testing has shown that many sunglasses labelled with these stickers have no where near 100% UV protection. So, that is a lie. If these businesses don’t know or even worse, do know that UV400 stickers are not part of any world standards and are trying to trick you, what type of quality is the frame or the rest of these sunglasses. We do suggest that you avoid all sunglasses with these tricky UV400 stickers. Typically these stickers are mainly found on junk brands that only care about making a profit and have no concern about your eye health. There are plenty of brands that will not try to trick you.

*This does not effect any Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses.*

This breaking news story first released by Idol Eyes Australia.

Dangerous CAT 4 lens with no side shields
Dangerous CAT 4 lens with no side shields

There is a major error in the European sunglasses standard, EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015 In the EN standard, section 11.2 it specifies the Temporal Protective Requirements (side shields) for cat # 4 very dark special purpose sunglasses, designed only for (skiing, mountaineering, etc.) These sunglasses are not made for everyday use. All the sizes and positioning of the shields for adult’s sunglasses are given. But for some unknown reason the following was added for children’s sunglasses with cat # 4 lenses. “Note. Children benefit from sunglasses with temporal protection but in the absence of data, no dimensions are published in this edition of the standard.” This has been misinterpreted by some European brands to mean temporal or side shields are not required on children’s sunglasses with cat # 4 lenses and this is wrong. The problem is these lenses are really dark and only allow 3% to 8% of light to pass. This causes the pupil to dilate (open) and without side shields UV radiation enters a wide open eye causing blindness.

There are many companies, retailers and baby product review websites that promote these extremely dangerous sunglasses due to their lack of knowledge in optics. Please don’t buy these sunglasses and stop using these if you own some and never use these on the snow. To find out more details please read our blog: The dangers of poorly made sunglasses

It has been brought to our attention there are a number of websites advertising Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses that are not legitimate, either no stock or fake copies. Please don’t loss or waste your money. If you are unsure these are our legitimate overseas distributors then please contact us for help.

The old Australian / New Zealand sunglasses standard – AS/NZS 1067.1:2003 is now obsolete and has been updated to AS/NZS 1067.1:2016. We suggest you check before buying any sunglasses to make sure your kids are protected with the latest standard. We did a quick Google search for “baby sunglasses” and 90% of the websites on the first page either don’t mention any standard or only refer to the old standard. Buyers be aware, your child’s eye-sight is important.

Idol Eyes Australia

At Idol Eyes Australia, we specialize in high quality baby, toddler and children’s sunglasses designed specifically to save sight from harmful UV radiation. We made the world’s first baby sunglasses in 1987. Followed that with Baby Wrapz – the first rubber framed sunglasses with a headband for babies. Then our world-famous Baby Wrapz 2 – the first convertible or interchangeable baby sunglasses that actually grows with your baby and includes both headbands and temples (arms). Our rubber frames are super comfortable and virtually unbreakable and we only use A-grade impact resistant (PC) polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV protection. We also have many other world firsts, like our new Premy Wrapz – the world’s first premature or preemie baby sunglasses and our legendary 3-year guarantee.

BABY WRAPZ, Blue frame with a headband and G-15 lens
BABY WRAPZ, Blue frame with a headband and G-15 lens

Why it is so important for babies to wear sunglasses

Why do we tell you these things? Because knowledge is power. With the following information you can prevent this from happening to your children.

Are you aware that 1 in 7 adults over 50 years old are classified as legally blind in Australia. Worse still 70% of adults over 65 are legally blind and mainly from UV related eye diseases that are totally preventable, just by wearing good quality sunglasses from birth. Similar statistics occur in other countries. (A person is considered legally blind if they cannot see at six metres what someone with normal vision can see at 60 metres or if their field of vision is less than 20 degrees in diameter).

Today we fully understand how important wearing sunglasses is for babies from birth until 10 years of age. We know that *2% to 5% of UV rays at 320nm reach the retina of children under 9 years, while none of these more dangerous UV rays reach the retina of older age groups. Also babies are born with a limited number of chromophores in their eyes compared to adults. The chromophore is a part of the molecule that helps absorb harmful UV radiation. They prevent these UV rays from damaging the cornea, crystalline lens and the retina, which in turn helps prevent eye diseases such as cataracts, pterygium, actinic & droplet keratites, pinguecula and macular degeneration. So wearing good quality sunglasses from birth is vital. *To find out more, please read our blog, How UV rays damage young eyes.

Idol Eyes-ed Logo

Most visitors to our website know of us for our high quality baby sunglasses but we also have a huge range of high quality kids sunglasses. In fact we have sunglasses to fit from premature baby up to late teens. Our online shop has more than 265 unique and individually different sunglasses, consisting of different models, sizes, colours and lens variations from our top sellers so you can get the perfect sunglasses for your unique kids.

Our motivation is and always has been to help people from losing their sight so we have been making the world’s best baby and kids sunglasses since 1987 at really affordable prices. It is now up to you, do you care as much as us?

100% UV Protection logo
100% UV Protection.

Idol Eyes Australia is truly committed to children’s eye-care world-wide.

Idol Eyes Australia is the No. 1 most trusted baby and kids sunglasses brand in the world, so we make this promise to every customer, we will never compromise on quality because we know your child’s eyesight is worth it. Plus, our sunglasses will always be affordable so every child will be properly protected. The cute, trendy, awesome, spectacular or sporty “WOW” factors designed into every pair of Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses is our free bonus to make your kids look great.

Baby Wrapz 2 - Girl and Boy wearing Baby Wrapz 2 convertible baby sunglasses
Baby Wrapz 2 – Girl and Boy wearing Baby Wrapz 2 convertible baby sunglasses.

Customer’s Question: I know Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses have a 3 year guarantee but company A and company B will even replace the glasses if lost or broken within 12 months so why should I buy Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses? The answer will shock you. Find the answer to this question and others received from our customers in our updated blog: Questions about baby kids sunnies and eyes.

Idol Eyes Australia quality tests all of our sunglasses

Even before production commences we stress test every part so we will be confident in our 3 year guarantee. We only use materials that will give you value for money. Then we test to all world sunglasses standards.

The soft rubber temples will flex without breaking and always bounce back into shape.
The soft rubber temples will flex without breaking and always bounce back into shape.
The soft rubber frames will flex without breaking and always bounce back into shape.
The soft rubber frames will flex without breaking and always bounce back into shape.

This hammer test shows clearly the difference between our high A-grade lens and what other companies use a low quality B-grade lens or worse. The problem is these low grade lenses don’t just break easily they also “craze” which causes serious eye damage. You can read all about this in our blog. Frames and lens colour whats best and why.

Lens Test: Polycarbonate (PC) A-grade VS. Polycarbonate (PC) B-grade lens.

Would you like to know what other test we do on our sunglasses. Get all the facts in this blog: Our Testing Procedure. You will be amazed.

Idol Eyes Australia – Sunglasses

  • Comply with and exceed the:
    • Australian / New Zealand Standard – AS/NZS 1067.1:2016
    • European Standard – EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015
    • CE Certification
    • USA Standard – ANSI Z80.3-2018
    • Korean standard – KC
    • Japanese standard – Japan labeling law on sunglasses
    • Plus all other countries
  • 100% UVA/B/C Protection
  • A-grade impact resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • G-15 lens colour, originally designed for the U.S. air force
  • Sun glare protection and clarity with no colour distortion
  • Safe for colour blind children
  • Microfibre case included
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Accessories available: cords, sports bands and our new semi hard case
Baby girl wearing Tiny Tots 1 - IE5630 White with rose print sunglasses, adjustable headband included
Baby girl wearing Tiny Tots 1 – IE5630 White with rose print sunglasses, adjustable headband included.

Idol Eyes Australia Guide to buying quality sunglasses

We know that many sunglasses being sold today are extremely harmful to your child’s eyesight. Even some well-known brands. With 71 years experience in optics here is our complete guide to buying quality children’s sunglasses. Critical points to look for when buying baby – toddler sunglasses. Sunglasses that will protect against harmful UV radiation damage. If you need any help with the information in this PDF file please email us via our contact page.

Always avoid the following:

If you really care about your child’s eye health please avoid the following. To see the full details read our blogs.

  • TAC lenses – plain and polarized. Extremely soft lenses that will scratch and distort vision.
  • UV coated lenses. Coatings will scratch off leaving no UV protection.
  • UV 400 lenses. Not part of any world sunglasses standard. Normally used on cheap brands.
  • CAT#4 lenses. To dark for every day use. (Designed for skiing and must have side-shields)
  • All lens colours except (G-15, neutral green). They distort colour and cause problems for colour blind kids.

Latest News

Premy Wrapz Donor Fundhelping save premature babies eyesight.

Premy Wrapz Donor Fund
Premy Wrapz Donor Fund

Small premature or preemie babies can suffer several serious eye diseases like Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) which is the main cause of children’s vision loss. Idol Eyes Australia fully understands the need to protect the eyes of vulnerable premature babies and made the commitment to invest in moulds to make Premy Wrapz sunnies a reality. (The only company in the world to do so). To further expand on this worthy cause we are now seeking donations that will only be used to reduce the price of our Premy Wrapz sunglasses. This will help save the sight of these small premature or preemie babies. You can make a donation here on our Premy Wrapz page or at our online shop. We thank you on behalf of the recipients for your donation.

Our website mobile App

When browsing our website from a supported mobile device you will see an “Add Idol Eyes Australia” notice (at the bottom of the screen), simply click the “Add” button to install our website App on the home screen of your device. Every page is stored locally on your device and will be available to read instantly, even when you are offline! Saving your download limits. Hint: refresh the pages occasionally so you have the latest information.

Our latest blog, Not all sunglasses are equal has just been published. Check it out to see why.

COVID19 Safety

Our warehouse has never been opened to the public and since the beginning of the pandemic it has been limited to only two staff members who are following a strict cleaning procedure. To further enhance safety for our customers all orders are placed into a sealed poly-bag before packing.

Recommended sunglasses cleaning procedure

Please do not use harsh chemicals, disinfectants or alcohol as some can damage the sunglasses, plus they are harmful to small children. We recommend thoroughly washing the sunglasses with lukewarm soapy water for at least 20 seconds, then rinsing with clean water and drying with a clean cotton or microfibre cloth. This works equally well for your hands or sunglasses at killing COVID19 and health professionals recommend this even over sanitizer.

New at our online shop

Earn points at our online shop – and Save.

You can now earn points with every purchase at our online shop and use these points to save on your next purchase.

Details: You must have a registered account. This can be done on the checkout page or on the my account page. For our existing registered customers we have tried to back date the points from your first order. If you think there is a problem please email us at: Sorry, unregistered customers can shop online but we cannot store your points. If you are an unregistered customer who has ordered from our online shop in the past and wish to register please do so. Then let us know via this email: and we will try to add your prior points to your account. Registered accounts will earn 2 points for every dollar spent on products.

Many customers have asked if they can donate their reward points to the “Premy Wrapz donation fund“. This will help save the sight of these small premature or preemie babies. Simply by completing the donate my points form on the Premy Wrapz page. Or email us at with your registered user name and how many points you wish to donate. Unregistered guest customers can also donate their points. We thank you on behalf of the recipients for your donation.

New classic metal sunglasses. Now at our online shop.

Classic metal sunglasses
Classic metal sunglasses

Now at our online shop. Fantastic, light-weight blade style sports sunglasses for every child in the family, even babies. Available in 4 sizes and a great range of colours. All this and a huge impact resistant one-piece polycarbonate mirror coated lens for the maximum unobstructed view. Designed for those who are at the top of their game.

Tiny Tots I - IE 770SS, Blue frame toddler blade sunglasses
Tiny Tots II - IE 770MS, Green frame toddler blade sunglasses
Kids I - IE 735SSX, Neon rainbow frame kids blade sunglasses
Kids II - IE 735CSX, Black frame kids blade sunglasses

L to R: IE770SS – Fits 0 to 2 yr, IE770MS – Fits 2 to 5 yr, IE735SSX – Fits 5 to 10 yr, IE735CSX – Fits over 10 yr.

Now available at our online shop, Idol Eyes Australia Gift Cards – from $10 to $500. Idol Eyes Australia Gift Cards are the perfect present for those fussy customers. Let’s face it sunglasses are as individual as people and everyone has their own preferred style and colour. So let your loved ones choose their own sunglasses and make your life simple by buying one of our gift cards.

Idol Eyes Australia Gift Card
Idol Eyes Australia Gift Card

Gift Cards Buy Now

Interesting facts

  • How we measure our success. We know that selling one pair of sunglasses will help protect little eyes. But to truly protect eyes a child will need at least 3 or 4 pair as they grow from 0 to late teens. So true success is achieving repeat business (meaning a customer is confident and happy with our products). Over 78% of Idol Eyes Australia customers return to buy a second pair or more.
  • Visitors, customers and our competitors from more than 121 countries per year visit our website, not just to buy the world’s best baby and children’s sunglasses but to also be informed, read our blogs, and generally learn how to protect their kid’s eyes from harmful UV radiation. If it affects children’s eyes and is connected with sunglasses you will see it here first.
  • In Australia over 1.2 million kids protect their eyes from UV related eye diseases with Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses. We know that is great, especially when the total population here in Australia has only recently reached 25 million. Even more kids are protecting their eyes with Idol Eyes Australia sunglasses overseas as we now export world-wide.

Upcoming Expos

Sadly due to COVID19 restrictions all expos planed for this remaining year have been postponed to 2022. Next years expo dates will be posted here once confirmed.

In the mean time you can place your orders at our online shop for this summer and receive the world’s best baby and kids sunglasses.

Hurry - FREE YO-YO with all sunglasses purchased. Plus a free matching **sunglasses cord to help prevent loss. (Details: **sunglasses with temples - arms only). Ends 31/10/21

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