School Sunglasses

School sunglasses by Idol Eyes Australia

We certainly did commence our journey in the optical profession way back in 1950. As a result we do have 72 years of experience in the optical industry. And we have used all of our gained knowledge to truly make Australia’s best school sunglasses.

High Quality School Sunglasses

In conjunction with both our certified mechanical engineer and optical engineer we have designed our school sunglasses to specifically handle everyday use without breaking. The frames are in fact made from premium *A-grade impact resistant polycarbonate. Therefore they are super light-weight and really comfortable. Also this material is ten times more impact resistant than plastic. So they are really tough. (*Don’t be confused, not all polycarbonate is A-grade).

Unique shape

Our truly *unique wrap shape makes them comfortable for all students without slipping down little noses. *(Normal sunglasses are made in two distinct styles. Those made to fit the European head shape or those made to fit the Asian head shape. Wear the incorrect style and the sunglasses just don’t fit correctly, either to tight or to loose. Our unique wrap shape is a fusion blend that fits more students more comfortably – guaranteed).

For primary and high school

These are made in two sizes so they will fit all kids in both primary and high school. Please note: Both sizes are in fact identical. Therefore these are a true school uniform. Others use totally different shaped sunnies from whatever styles they can find in China. So they certainly are not a standard school uniform.

School sunglasses – IE532 – small – fits (3 to 8 yr) and IE525 – large – fits (7 to 18 yr). Available in green, blue, red, black or yellow.

Buy our school sunglasses direct from the manufacturer

Parents can certainly buy school sunglasses from our website. Buy Now $20.00

Frame perfection, colours and coating

Specifically made in five standard matt colours, black, blue, red, green and yellow. Our truly super matt surface coating on the frames certainly does help to absorb harmful UV radiation. Consequently it is not reflected into the eyes.

100% UV Protection logo
100% UV Protection.

Only the best lenses

Of course the high impact resistant polycarbonate lenses do provide 100% UV protection. That’s UVA, UVB and UVC and we only use A-grade G-15, category 3 lenses. So they do give maximum glare protection and are also safe for all students even those who are colour blind. Note: 10% of boys and 2% of girls are colour blind and the incorrect coloured lens only compounds the problem. Unfortunately the two most commonly used lens colours in sunglasses are grey (that is never great for clarity and affects some colour blind kids) and brown (reasonable for clarity but useless for glare protection and adversely effects the largest number of colour blind kids).

Impact resistance lens test

This hammer test clearly shows the difference between our high A-grade lens and what other companies use a low quality B-grade lens or worse. The problem is these low grade lenses don’t just break easily they also cause serious eye damage. You can read in detail all about this in our blog. Sunglasses what is best?.

Lens Test: Polycarbonate (PC) A-grade VS. Polycarbonate (PC) B-grade lens.

Easy identification plus a free case

There is a section on both the sunglasses and microfibre case. So parents can write their child’s name to prevent loss.

IE MCS Microfibre school case with name tag showing the front and back is included.
IE MCS Microfibre school case with name tag showing the front and back is included.

Please check out all the truly great features below to see why these are Australia’s favourite school sunglasses.


In Australia 1 in 7 adults over 50 years old have some form of  blindness*. Worse still 70% of adults over 65 are legally blind and mainly from UV related eye diseases that are totally preventable, just by wearing good quality sunglasses from birth. (*macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygium, actinic & droplet keratites, pinguecula, etc.).

Prevention is easy

All states and federal governments do suggest that schools implement the wearing of sunglasses. Specifically to prevent this huge human and financial cost. We really do know this is totally preventable. Just by wearing both a broad-brimmed hat and good quality wrap-around sunglasses from an early age.

School sunglasses by Idol Eyes Australia have all these great features:

  • Comply with and exceed the mandatory Australian / New Zealand Standard – AS/NZS 1067.1:2016. Category 3.
  • Available in 2 sizes to fit all grades, (Primary and High school).
    • small – “IE532” – fits (3 to 8 yr)
    • large – “IE525” – fits (7 to 18 yr)
  • Exactly the same shape in both models, so a true school uniform.
  • Made in five standard school colours (black, blue, red, green and yellow). Even house colours.
  • The matt surface coating on the frames absorbs harmful UV radiation so it is not reflected into the eyes.
  • Wrap-around style with wide sides so it stops the greatest amount of UV rays from entering the eyes.
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate frame and lens.
  • Provide 100% UVA/B/C Protection.
  • We use a CAT #3, G-15 lens colour which was originally designed for the U.S. air force as it offers the best sun glare protection and clarity with no colour distortion.
  • Safe for colour blind children. *Note: 10% of boys and 2% of girls are colour blind and the incorrect colour lens compounds the problem.
  • 3 year guarantee.
  • Including a microfibre case with name tag, to clean and protect.
  • There is a section on the frame were parents can write their child’s name.
  • Can be made to order: colour, logo, school name, etc. Note: this does incur MOQ’s.

Schools can certainly buy directly from us and receive our really low wholesale price with no MOQ’s – “no minimum order quantities”. To receive further information please email your enquiries to:

Optional extras:

  • IE SHD – Semi Hard case. Designed to protect your school sunglasses and to keep them clean. Made with a clip so it can be easily attached to your backpack or bag to prevent loss. Also includes a name tag.
IE SHD Semi Hard case, black. Designed to protect your sunglasses
IE SHD Semi Hard case, black. Designed to protect your sunglasses.

IE SHD – Semi Hard case Buy Now $14.00


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