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Idol Eyes Australia is indeed the home of truly high quality children’s or kids II sunglasses. These certainly are available in a huge range of really high fashion styles to suit every child 10 to teens. In addition our emphasis on high fashion will certainly help your kids make their statement in real style. Of course we start by using only the very best A-grade impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. In addition these lenses also give full 100% UV protection. And most importantly we use a G-15 colour lens that to begin with was designed for the U.S. air force. As this will certainly give you the best sun glare protection. As well as clarity with no colour distortion.

In fact we are Australia’s favourite kids sunglasses brand. And have been since 1987. And likewise our sunglasses are now popular and available world-wide.

Kids II – kids sunglasses

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Classic metal sunglasses
Classic metal sunglasses

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*Plastic Frames

*Rimless Frames

Plastic Frames

Kids II – IE009

This certainly is a superb sports model. With it’s truly light-weight polycarbonate frame. In addition this has a really sleek wraparound style. That certainly will give maximum UV protection. And of course we have also used the very best PC lenses with a really high grade coloured mirror finish. This model is also available in three terrific colours. Additionally we have added both soft rubber nose pads. And also temple tips for extra comfort.

These Kids II – IE009, Available in shiny metallic red with a silver mirror lens, shiny white with a blue mirror lens, or shiny yellow with a yellow mirror lens.

Kids II, IE009 Buy Now $35.00

Kids II – IE525

Another really spectacular sports style. With it’s truly light-weight polycarbonate frame. Made in a really awesome wraparound style with slightly wider sides to give maximum UV protection. Then we have added our design flare with what certainly is a terrific colour range. This model certainly does fit from 8 years old to late teens.

These Kids II – IE525, Available in crystal blue with a G-15 lens, metallic blue, black-red or black-blue with a silver mirror lens.

Kids II, IE525 Buy Now $35.00

Kids II – IE48002

This really is a stunning model. That has a very bold angular stylish frame. Being in a wraparound style this does of course give maximum UV protection. Additionally we have then added a truly great colour range. Then to finish we have also added soft rubber temple temple tips for extra comfort.

These Kids II – IE48002, Available in shiny metallic red, matt silk coffee with mirror lens or crystal blue with a G-15 lens.

Kids II, IE48002 Buy Now $35.00

Kids II – IE35062

This certainly is a very modern frame in a really great colour range. With a fantastic wraparound style that certainly will give maximum UV protection. Additionally we have added soft rubber temple temple tips for extra comfort. This model does fit from 10 years old to late teens.

These Kids II – IE35062, Available in matt silk blue, matt silk coffee, matt silk red, metallic green with a G-15 mirror lens.

Kids II, IE35062 Buy Now $35.00

Kids II – IE453

Another fantastic stylish frame. With a really close fitting wraparound style. That surely will give maximum UV protection. Then finished in a truly spectacular metallic colour range.

These Kids II – IE453, Available in pearl, amber, metallic blue or metallic red frame with a mirror lens.

Kids II, IE453 Buy Now $35.00

Kids II – IE735CSX

Our older kids blades are seriously cool. And are certainly made for the 10 years old to teens sporting members of your family. Made with a really tough nylon frame. We have also added a soft rubber nose pad for comfort. All this and a huge impact resistant one-piece polycarbonate mirror coated lens. Therefore this will give the maximum unobstructed view. Designed for those who truly are at the top of their game.

These Kids II – IE 735CSX, Large kids blade sunglasses. Available in neon rainbow, black, black/neon rainbow, green, pink, yellow frame with mirror lens or black frame with G15 lens.

Kids II, IE735CSX Buy Now $35.00

Rimless Frames

Our really light weight rimless frames are all made using high grade optical quality steel. As a result they will handle considerable punishment. Then we have also added really soft nose pads that are hinged. So they can truly self adjust to any shaped nose for extra comfort.

Kids II – IE10069

This truly superb rimless frame has style and sophistication. Above all the rich dark gunmetal finish gives a really luxurious feel. Additionally we have added a great range of lens colours. Simply spectacular.

These Kids II – IE10069, Available in Gunmetal frame with a khaki, pink or blue CAT # 2 lens all with a flash mirror coating – top only. Or gunmetal frame with G-15 CAT # 3 lens with gold mirror coating.

Kids II, IE10069 Buy Now $35.00

Kids II – IE9673

This truly is a beautiful girls rimless frame. That certainly has a very elegant style. Finished with a either a shiny silver or steel blue finish. Then to finish that beautiful style. We have also added really stunning coloured graduated lenses. Surely these will be loved by any young lady.

These Kids II – IE9673, Available in Silver frame with a pink or purple graduated CAT #1 lens or steel blue frame with a blue graduated CAT # 2 lens.

Kids II, IE9673 Buy Now $35.00

Kids II – IE092

This is indeed a spectacular rimless frame. With it’s truly large angular cuts to the lens. This certainly does have style and sophistication. With a really great range of both frame and lens colours.

These Kids II – IE092, Available in Gunmetal frame with G-15 or gold mirror lens or steel blue frame with a blue CAT # 2 lens or pink frame with pink CAT # 2 lens.

Kids II, IE092 Buy Now $35.00

KIDS II – have all these truly great features:

  • Comply with and exceed the:
    • Australian / New Zealand Standard – AS/NZS 1067.1:2016
    • European Standard – EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015
    • CE Certification
    • USA Standard – ANSI Z80.3-2018
    • Korean standard – KC
    • Japanese standard – Japan labeling law on sunglasses
    • Plus all other countries
  • super tough polycarbonate, nylon or metal frame, virtually unbreakable and comfortable
  • fits from 10 years up to late teens or small adults
  • impact resistant polycarbonate lens
  • provide 100% UVA/B/C protection
  • *CAT #3, G-15 colour lens for clarity and colour free distortion
  • *except for: Kids II – IE10069, khaki, pink or blue CAT #2 lens
  • *except for: Kids II – IE9673, blue CAT #2 & pink or purple CAT #1 lens
  • 3 year guarantee
  • microfibre case for protection and cleaning
IE MC Microfibre case showing the front and the back is included.
IE MC Microfibre case showing the front and the back is included.

More styles will be added soon.


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