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Other products, Idol Eyes Australia

Idol Eyes Australia’s other products include kids ski goggles, baby and toddler Rx frames, toddler and kids sports Rx frames and Australia’s largest range of high quality spectacle accessories.

Kids ski goggles

Our kids ski goggles not only look great but are designed to take all the punishment that kids will hand out. Models IE8014 Ski Goggles – small, IE8001 Ski Goggles – large, and IE7170 Ski Goggles, all have a soft flexible frame that will bend without breaking. Model IE7186 Ski goggle, has an impact resistant polycarbonate frame and lens.

Baby and toddler Rx frames

Idol Eyes Australia Prescription Rx Frames, our Baby Wrapz, Baby Wrapz 2 and Tiny Tots (IE88) sunglasses do make perfect baby prescription frames and will fit from birth up to about 5 years of age. With our new Rx insert (with a 4C curve) made of high strength polycarbonate that will fit into our Baby Wrapz, Baby Wrapz 2 and Tiny Tots (IE 88) frames, it is now possible to fit high power minus Rx lenses turning these remarkable sunglasses into truly amazing frames.

Toddler and Kids sports Rx frames

Idol Eyes Australia Sports prescription Rx frames, our IE8014 – small ski goggle and IE8001 – large ski goggle make the perfect kids Rx (prescription) frames for all sports. These are extremely comfortable being rubber frames, are fully adjustable so no slipping down little noses and unbreakable.

Other products – Spectacle accessories

With Australia’s largest range of high quality spectacle accessories. We have cords, chains, beads and sports bands in a variety of materials as well as pendants, brooches and ear locks.

For more detailed information on our other products, please check each products individual page in the drop-down list under other products or contact us.

The perfect day. Tiny Tots I - IE1027SR, Black frame
The perfect day, Tiny Tots I – IE1027SR, black frame

You can also view our complete products range in this PDF file. Idol Eyes Web Presentation 26 – 2020