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Why a pram can be a babies worst enemy

Why a pram can be a babies worst enemy

Why a pram can be a babies worst enemy is because when they don’t have any UV protection in their eyes (chromophores) like adults, they are laying down in a pram looking up at the sun. Even when they get a little older and are sitting up in a pram they can receive up to 3 times more UV rays in a pram than an adult standing up. Especially if the pram is low to the ground and facing forward. Even bringing the cover or hood over, only makes it worse as UV rays bounces of hard surfaces like asphalt, concrete or even water and then gets trapped under the hood and due to the shape of most covers the UV rays concentrate on the babies head.

So what should you look for in a pram that will give the best possible UV protection for your baby’s eyes.

  • a high pram – to stop UV from bouncing up off the ground and into the pram.
  • a large hood – to stop the sun’s rays from entering into the pram.
  • have the pram reversed as often as possible so when you are pushing the pram you can use your body to shelter the baby from the opposite side to the hood.
  • a matt, dark coloured pram will also reflect less sunlight into your babies eyes.
  • and when your toddler is sitting in a pram facing forward you should also have an extra UV protective shade cloth draping down the front. Not too dark so they can still see out.
  • also wearing good quality sunglasses when in the pram will eliminate even more UV rays from damaging your baby’s eyes.

By following these tips you will reduce the chance of your child ending up with unwanted UV related eye disease like cataracts, pterygium, actinic & droplet keratites, pinguecula and macular degeneration, leading to blindness later in life.

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