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All about sunglasses and eyes – Idol Eyes Australia blog

All about sunglasses and eyes

This Idol Eyes Australia blog will be simple information to educate young mothers and those interested on the need to protect their children’s eyes.

With our 71 years experience in optics we know how important it is to protect the eyes from birth. Currently 1 in 7 adults over 50 years old in Australia have some form of blindness (other countries have similar statistics) and a high proportion of those are from UV radiation related eye diseases like cataracts, pterygium, actinic & droplet keratites, pinguecula and macular degeneration. All totally preventable and we will teach you how. So your children don’t end up as one of these terrible statistics.

Please take notice.

Have you ever noticed how much your baby hates the glare of the sun? Their eyes tightly closed, head turning from side to side, etc.

Think of it like this… you’re in bed for a couple of hours in the dark and someone wakes you and turns on the lights. Definitely bright and it takes a while to adjust your eyes.

Your baby has been in the dark for around 9 months (during pregnancy). Then you take them into the sun. It’s truly uncomfortable and extremely damaging to the eyes as babies have no chromophores (UV protective cells) that develop with age within the lens of their eyes like adults.

Chromophores, truly magic little cells.

We know that chromophores cells within the eyes have the ability to absorb harmful UV rays. The problem is babies at birth have a limited number of these small protective cells. But they do grow quick and by the time most kids reach 5 years old they will have around 80% of the total number of these chromophores. The other 20% take some time to develop and most adult’s at 30 years of age will finally have the total amount.

Because babies and children lack these UV radiation protective cells we know that they receive 3 times more UV rays than adults. And by 20 years of age they will have received 80% of their life time exposure. So it is vitally important to protect the eyes from birth to stop this accumulated exposure of harmful UV radiation.

Protection is easy.

It is easy and very inexpensive to protect baby’s eyes with good quality sunglasses from birth. But be aware not all sunglasses are created equal and some are down-right dangerous for babies and kids and can cause more harm than good.

Next installment – we will highlight some of the dangers of poorly made sunglasses.

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